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What are the benefits of dairy products?

Products derived from buffalo milk offer a much healthier alternative. Here are some of the benefits bufala milk provides 30% to 40% less cholesterol, more protein, human digestive system assimilates bufala milk 4 times faster, more Vitamin A and more calcium. In terms of quality, bufala milk is smooth, creamy and gives all of our products a taste you'll love.

Where can I find Deca & Otto Products?

Deca & Otto products are sold in supermarkets and other retail locations. To find a location near you, please visit the FIND US section on our website to see where our products are being sold.

What products does the Deca & Otto product line include?

Deca & Otto Farms is always looking to expand the product line and provide customers with more culinary masterpieces. Currently, we have mozzarella (in 3 sizes: Ciliegine, Bocconcini and Ovoline), burrata, mozzarella spread, yogurt and Dulce de Leche. Check out our PRODUCTS section to find out more about each.

What are the correct conditions for Deca & Otto products?

For best results, we recommend to store Deca & Otto products at 4°C-10°C or 39°F-50°F; and to serve at 15°C-18°C or 59°F-69°F.

Does Deca & Otto have an online shop?

Unfortunately, we do not have an online shop and do not sell our products online. Please visit the FIND section on our website to see where our products are being sold.

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Please contact us and we will make sure your question is answered. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at (305) 428-9412.

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