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A happy buffalo makes the best milk… that’s what we believe. Our buffalo roam free on the farm, to graze on the grass and make new friends. In the heart of Colombia, we’re blessed with large pastures and the perfect climate for raising happy buffalos. When it’s time to milk them, we do it by hand, not machine, and the little buffalos always get their milk first.


Why Deca & Otto

Deca is our first buffalo and Otto is her beloved companion who sits on her head and grooms her while she grazes on grass. See them on our logo.


At Deca & Otto Farms, we only use buffalo milk.


Why? It’s healthy! It has 30% to 40% less cholesterol and more protein. More importantly, buffalo milk is smooth, creamy and gives all of our products a taste you’ll love.

At Deca & Otto Farms we strive to produce the best buffalo mozzarella and other buffalo dairy products. Our customers praise our dedication in obtaining the freshest, most authentic and most delicious dairy products derived from 100% grass-fed buffalo milk.


Deca & Otto Farms is a Colombian company that works with local farmers who have naturally bred water buffalos for generations. D&O Farms is located in the Northern prairies of Colombia, a fertile region irrigated by abundant rivers. The ideal climate and water supply to properly raise water buffalos.


Our processes combine traditional techniques, with new technologies to ensure the highest standards for quality and safety. It is embedded in our spirit the utmost respect for the environment and our communities. We take pride in being socially responsible and treating our animals with love and respect.





Ciliegine, Bocconcini, Ovoline

Buffalo Mozzarella’s porcelain white color, shiny skin and delicate texture are distinctive features of its elegance. Our buffalo mozzarella comes in three different sizes: Ciliegine (small size), Bocconcini (medium size), and Ovoline (large size).

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Cream filled mozzarella

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Buffalo milk burrata is a masterpiece in the culinary arts. The outside layer is fresh mozzarella, forming a sack filled with both cream from the bufala milk and mozzarella curd strips. 

Greek Yogurt

Creamy Buffalo Milk Yogurt

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Yogurt made with grass-fed buffalo milk offers healthier benefits. Our yogurt has a denser texture and a more subtle taste. Available in a variety of delicious flavors.

Dulce de Leche

Milk Caramel Spread

Our Dulce de Leche is the most sophisticated version of this traditional dairy sweet. In our process, the buffalo milk is heated and sweetened to obtain a very elegant and aromatic taste.

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Deca & Otto ensures that its farms maintain the highest ethical and operational standards. We are constantly modernizing to conserve energy and reduce waste. Our production and pasteurization processes are 100% harmless and environmentally friendly. Our priority is being socially responsible and treating our animals with love and respect.


At Deca & Otto, all our buffalos are 100% grass fed and free range, and before every milking session we give priority to the offsprings to have their daily milk first. We take charge of employing a large portion of the farmers in the region. Deca & Otto’s objective is to always focus on its core values, which are producing the highest quality bufala milk dairy products, caring about our employees, being environmentally friendly and caring about our buffalos.

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